Seek Mentorship

Find the teacher that you always wished you had.

They say that mentoring at the right time and in the right direction can save time, dollars, and effort. It’s a unique form of consultation that is long-standing, episodic, not didactic, often recommendation-based, and given out of one’s experience.

So, whether you are a startup founder, or you wish to switch careers, or step back into the workforce, or enter a new geography, you will eventually need mentors, who will advise you on key decisions for your business or career.

The challenge here is to find a mentor who knows your industry and has fortes (skills) that can help you with specific obstacles you might face. This helps in getting actionable advice from which you can benefit.

BlueTie has a designated objective for seeking mentors. In addition, we also added filters where you can seek mentors with fortes (skills) and industry expertise of your choice. We just made mentoring a breeze!