Seek Funding

Fundraise hassle-free and see your dream project take off.

What’s one of the things that makes a disruptive business idea, a social enterprise, a non-profit, a co-op, or a dream possible? It’s funds!

Fund-raising is a massive challenge. It’s tedious and frustrating and requires you to attend fund-raising events, make pitches, and face rejection.

The worst part is that sometimes you realize that the investors weren’t interested in your industry. This happens because the intentions of the investors and the fund-seekers weren’t known to each other.

Fund-raising can be made less stressful and more exciting. And we have done just that with BlueTie. On here, you can network and seek investors for your idea. We have also added filters for the stage of your business and the type - B2C or B2B - to find a perfect match for you.

BlueTie helps you cast your net beyond your connections and find an investor who can help you take your idea off the ground.