Make An Investment

Find diverse baskets to put your treasured eggs in.

The smartest way to grow money is to invest it in a way that it grows even when you sleep. While playing the stock market might be a safer bet, investing in a startup can give back huge returns, especially if it turns out to be a unicorn.

But where will you find entrepreneurs and business founders seeking investors and how do you go about meeting them?

You can do all the above and a lot more on BlueTie. With objective based networking at its heart, our platform allows you to specifically find individuals who are seeking investments.

To help you get more bang out of your buck, we have added filters that allow you to refine your search based on the industry, the type of business - B2B or B2C, the stage of growth the business is at, and the tentative investment you wish to make.

Network on BlueTie and get into the investors’ circle.