Hire Talent

No more mismatches. Find the right fit for the role.

As a recruiter, you come across loads of people with stellar certifications and a wide set of fortes (skills). But fitting a person to a role is still a challenging task.

If you are an entrepreneur, it is important for you to know that you are hiring someone with fortes that will help your business at its current stage.

If you have attempted hiring, you will know that candidates often mix up two seemingly related fortes and this can lead to hiring the wrong person. As an example ‘marketing research’ can be confused for ‘marketing analysis’ and some people use the 4 variations of HTML interchangeably.

On BlueTie, candidates are required to pick their fortes and certifications from a list of preset options that cannot be customized. As a recruiter or co-founder you can look for people with a particular forte or certification that will match your requirements.

With BlueTie, you will cut out the noise in your hiring process.