Discover Freelance Opportunities

Live on your own terms and make your own choices.

The freelance market is growing because a lot of professionals prefer working in a no-strings attached format with businesses in different industries.

Interestingly, freelancing is not just for those who wish to get off the beaten 9-to-5 path. A lot of returning professionals like moms, caregivers, people recovering from illnesses also opt for freelancing.

The challenge for freelancers is to find a ‘gig’ that matches their fortes (skillset). Another challenge is to have the freedom to switch to different areas of work within their larger domain. As an example, a freelance writer might want to switch from technical writing to writing video scripts.

To enable this, BlueTie has a dedicated objective for finding freelancing opportunities. It allows the freelancer to change their fortes and find compatible work. So do more with your time and fortes, and find real flexibility with your hours and working choices by networking on BlueTie.