Empowering professional lives by making networking easy and effective.

A new age professional networking platform that focuses on objective based networking

Getting your network to work for you, and help you out in a challenging situation isn't always easy. If you've built your network in the traditional manner, guessing and assumption may have played a large part in you identifying the people you want to interact with. In times of need, your large yet limited network may seem restricted and not help you with desired solutions.

Shifting focus from network building, to networking is necessary. At BlueTie, we enable objective driven networking by helping you reach out to other professionals with complementary objectives. This addresses the need of the hour, and improves the efficiency with which you can overcome your professional hurdles, regardless of how often they arise. We take away the formalities and intricacies of building bridges with people that lie beyond your circle or contacts.

People at work or in your circle may not have answers to all your questions. That’s where reaching out to professionals beyond your individual network helps. Without the barriers that exist, answers can be found, and limitless possibilities unlocked.


What is BlueTie?

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What is BlueTie?
A dive into our philosophy


They’ve used it. They’ve experienced the new age. Now, they’re talking about it.


User friendly features for a refined professional networking.

Packed with features that cater to all your professional networking needs

We at BlueTie believe that a platform is only as good as the features that put it together. We have come up with unique features for the BlueTie app that collectively make professional networking seem like a walk in the park!


BlueTie Enroute

Network with professionals travelling along with you and utilize your travel time in the most productive way possible.



Meet professionals best suited and exclusively hand-picked for each of your networking objectives, everyday.


Communities on BlueTie

Join & be a part of the communities that you associate with, to stay connected & network with the professionals of your tribe.


Discover & Meet Professionals

Discover and access professionals who lie beyond your individual networks and reach out to them in an approachable manner.


Networking Insights

Learn more about your activities on the app & get exclusive insights about the networking behavior of professionals you are looking to collaborate with.


Mutual Objective Driven Networking

Choose your networking objective and access professionals who share a co-relating objective at that moment.


BlueTie Pin – Your Professional Contact Detail

Create your personalized BlueTie Pin and use it for all your professional communication without sharing any personal information thus minimizing spam.


An Effective Acknowledgement System

Acknowledgement does matter! Get a timely response for every request sent through our efficient acknowledgment tool.


Get Searched for what you want

Choose your fortes (Skills, Certifications, Software expertise) and get searched by those who are looking for professionals with fortes like yours


Micro to Macro Location Filters

Discover professionals as close to you and as further as the other end of the world.


Focussed objectives streamline your networking experience.

The right focus leads to great outcomes

Networking objectives on BlueTie refer to reasons for you to interact with professionals who may lie beyond your individual network. Their complementary objectives help you achieve effective results.

Why define objectives before networking?

At BlueTie, our sole mission is to help professionals like you network so that you can achieve the objectives you had in mind. But objectives could be hugely different, like building alliances or investing in businesses. And people might not explicitly express them right away. This could lead to wasted time and energy in networking. This is more often than not the case with a lot of physical meetups and mass virtual networking websites. That is why on BlueTie, you are needed to set up your objectives before you begin. This way you are only matched to people with whom your objectives align the most.

Do networking objectives need to be ‘updated’ and why?

Contrary to what we think, your goals evolve over time and so do your networking objectives. As an example, you may begin with the objective of investing in smaller businesses with smaller risks. But with time, you might want to invest in larger business which might raise the stakes. You will then need a seasoned investor to mentor you to success. You will have to network to find a mentor and not necessarily seek investment opportunities. That’s why it’s important to take stock of where you are headed professionally and update your networking objectives on BlueTie accordingly.

How can you make networking more relevant to you?

Once you start networking, you will find that some goals are nuanced and require some more details to give relevant searches. As an example, let’s say you wish to expand your business to a new geography, of which you have little to no knowledge. Now, you will need local experts to help you with the groundwork. But these experts need to be from the same industry that you work in, else they won’t be of much help. For this, you will have to add details to your networking objective. Once you pick an objective, BlueTie will run a short questionnaire where you get to add more details and make your networking work for you.

  • Exchange
  • Every successful journey begins from a random great idea. Meet professionals who are also on the platform to exchange ideas and create something epic out if it.
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  • Strategic
  • Meet partners for your professional ventures on the BlueTie app and strengthen your foundation of success.
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  • Hire
  • A powerful vision needs an equally powerful execution. Meet skillful professionals on the platform who are looking for job opportunities from someone like you.
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  • Explore Job
  • The hunt for better opportunities never ends. Meet professionals on the platform who are looking to hire candidates with your fortes.
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  • Discover Freelance
  • Find projects that best suit your convenience and needs. Meet professionals on the platform who are looking to collaborate with freelancers with your fortes.
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  • Seek
  • The right mentor can make your professional journey smoother. Meet your mentor on the BlueTie app who helps you achieve your full potential and guide you in the right direction.
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  • Provide
  • Ideas become action when your wisdom meets dynamic execution. Meet professionals who need your mentorship to transform their vision into reality.
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  • Make An
  • The right investment can help a business idea expand successfully. Meet entrepreneurs on BlueTie who are looking for investors to expand their business ventures.
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  • Seek
  • Now investors are in your reach! Discover and meet investors on BlueTie, who can give your idea the power boost of finances and make it a success.
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